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Nov 19, 2019
President of NOC/ Member of Parliament Hon. Jeevan Ram Shrestha bade farewell to 3 athletes and 1 manager of Nepal Archery Association.
The participants will participate in the 21st Asian Archery Championship as well as Continental Qualification Tournament for Tokyo 2020 on Bangkok, Thailand from 21 to 29 November.
President Hon. Shrestha gave his best wishes to the participants and said that the qualification match will bring competitiveness and experience which will be just in time for the 13th South Asian Games.
Ms. Gyanu Awale (under Olympic Scholarship), Player
Mr. Tilak Pun Magar (under Olympic Scholarship), Player
Ms. Aisha Tamang, Player
Dipak Raj Gurung, Manager
Vice Presidents of NOC Mr. Chaturananda Baidhya and Mr. Sunil Shrestha were also present in the program.