The sole sports Museum of Nepal, Nepal Olympic Museum, envisioned by its founder/president Chhitij Arun Shrestha, has been in existence since 1999 inside the premise of the National Sports Council, during the 8th South Asian Games Kathmandu. Affiliated to National Sports Council and Nepal Olympic Committee, and with the primary objective of Historical Conservation for Sports Development and contributing to the Olympic Movement by preserving historic objects and items that were once a part of Nepalese Sports, the Museum, is a national asset of every Nepalese sport enthusiast and purely a sports organization.  It is evident that since its existence, the museum despite it ups and downs have been involved in variety of activities in the service of Nepalese sports.

The museum was officially registered as Sports Nepal Olympic Museum (NOM) on 23rd June 1995 (2052/03/09B.S). The Museum is affiliated to National Sports Council (NSC) and Nepal Olympic Committee (NOC). The name was later changed to Nepal Olympic Museum (NOM). The sole purpose of establishing this museum has been to preserve various Nepalese sports related objects of historical significance and assemble them at one place.

The number and the value of sports related materials existing in Nepal by now have become large enough to be put on display in a separate museum. Unfortunately, most of those materials at this time lie unattended and scattered all over the place gathering rust. We believe that there can be no better place than a museum to collect all those national assets together and put on display for public appreciation. We also hope that such a museum will inspire and motivate the new generation of sports lovers to get engaged in sports activities and achieve new heights in the international stage. Realizing this need, Mr. Chhitij Arun Shrestha founded NEPAL OLYMPIC MUSEUM on the very day of International Olympic Day in 1995, and also devised a scheme for developing and expanding it. With the consent of the Ministry for Education and National Sports Council, NEPAL OLYMPIC MUSEUM has been registered with the local authority of the government of Nepal.