The Official Website of Nepal Olympic Committee

On behalf of Nepal Olympic committee, it is with great pride that we have now hosted "NOC Nepal" website to further the Olympic movement and to work together towards bringing the Olympic values to life. From the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 to today, the Olympic movement has turned to its values to help define the role sports plays in the development of humans and humankind. We are aware that IOC and OCA has continuously developed programmes to ensure the relevance of sport in today’s society. It has launched initiatives that enhance the role of sport in society to promote health and human development, provide humanitarian assistance and advance women’s participation in sport, Olympic Games and sports administration. It has added environmental sustainability as one of its primary concern, along with sport, education and culture. And amongst many others, it has taken a strong and visible stance against doping in sport.

The Olympic values have inspired and influenced each of these decisions, thereby playing a fundamental role in the Olympic movement’s notable success. We are also beneficiaries as we strive for the same excellence, friendship and respect towards establishing a “new Nepal”. Recently, we have drafted a new sports policy so that our core values are defined for the development of sports in Nepal. Our government is now committed more than ever before to work in harmony with the international community so that our aspiration to establishing a peaceful society that preserves and nurtures human dignity is achieved.

I hope this website will opportune us to dissimilate information regarding various aspects of NOC Nepal's work in progress, ioc Olympic solidarity programmes and oca asia project amongst others to all our affiliates as well as the community at large to make the most of the information and programmes undertaken by NOC Nepal. 

The Olympic core values of excellence, friendship and respect underpin all of the actions that the Olympic movement undertakes in achieving its mission and the principles are further distinguished by their scope and applicability. Collectively, these goals demonstrate the Olympic movement’s social responsibility and its deep commitment to promoting positive change through sport. We are glad to be part of this movement in our own little way in Nepal and this region and demonstrate the same through our newly launched website.

I wish all the very best and request your contribution to continue to work towards these principals so that our whole region is encouraged to inspire humanity through sports and organization of various games to overcome political , economic, gender, racial or religious differences and forge respectable friendship in spite of those differences.

 Jeevan Ram Shrestha
 Nepal Olympic committee