Olympic Solidarity Technical Course for Coaches in Basketball

The course was started successfully from 25th May to 1st June, 2010 and it was conducted by the FIBA Expert Mr. Bill MCCAMMON from United Nation America. There were altogether 17 participants from the five region of Nepal, included Coaches and athletes too.


S.No. Name of Participants S.No. Name of Participants
1 Mr. Ashis K.C. 10 Mr. Bipendra Maharjan
2 Mr. Bikash Rai 11 Mr. Rabindra Maharjan
3 Mr. Basanta Rai 12 Mr. Parag Rai
4 Mr. Bikash Shahi 13 Mr. Anmol K. Rai
5 Mr. Niranjan Satyal 14 Mr. Raj Kumar Maharjan
6 Mr. Kedar Budhathoki 15 Mr. Shiva Pun
7 Mr. Prem Sundar Hona 16 Mr. Chadani Gurung
8 Mr. Dhundi Raj Katel 17 Mr. Nimesh Panthi
9 Mr. Rajesh Maharjan    

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