Felicitation program on 112th International Women's Day

March 8, 2022

On the occasion of 112th International Women's Day, the Women and Sports Commission under the Nepal Olympic Committee has honored Sudha Sen Malla and Julum Puri Giri with cash prizes.

NOC President Honorable Jeevan Ram Shrestha handed over Rs 25,000 to Ms. Malla and Ms. Giri along with a letter of appreciation. Ms. Malla has been honored on the technical side of the award. Ms. Giri, the first generation player of the year to enter Taekwondo in Nepal in 1983, is also the first female black belt. Ms. Giri has been honored with the administration of the award and has been fulfilling various responsibilities as an employee of the National Sports Council for over three decades.

 On the occasion, NOC President Shrestha emphasized women's participation in Nepali sports and said that the International Olympic Committee has also given priority to the strong presence of women in sports. He said that Ms. Malla and Ms. Giri have also made an incomparable contribution to Nepali sports. On the occasion, both Ms. Malla and Ms.Giri expressed their gratitude for the honor. The program was presided over by the chairperson of the commission and Vice President of NOC Ms. Jyoti Rana. At the beginning of the program, committee member Pramila Singh Shrestha gave a welcome speech and secretary Bimala Poudel thanked the participants.

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