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March 25, 2021

President of NOC/ Member of Parliament Hon. Jeevan Ram Shrestha bade farewell to 2 athletes and 1 Coach of Nepal Weightlifting Association.
The participants will participate in the 30th Female Asian Championship in Tashkent of Uzbekistan from 16 to 25 April, 2021.
President Hon. Shrestha gave his best wishes to the participants and said that as this is also one of the qualification match for Tokyo 2020 so they must give there best.

Ms. Sanju Chaudhary (under Olympic Scholarship), Player
Ms. Kamal Shrestha (under Olympic Scholarship), Player
Mr. Sanjay Maharjan, Coach

President of Nepal Weightlifting Association Mr. Ram Krishna Shrestha thanked NOC for continues support despite the unfortunate COVID 19 pandemic.
Vice Presidents of NOC/ ED of NOC Mr. Chaturananda Rajbaidhya and Secretary General of NOC Mr. Nilendra Raj Shrestha were also present in the program.