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A one-day painting exhibition program has been held in Kirtipar Municipality on Tuesday in collaboration with Nepal Tourism Board, Kirtipur Municipality and Peace through Sports Commission of NOC. The Peace through Sports Commission has concluded the program with the tag line 'City on the Hill' in collaboration with the Nepal Tourism Board with the aim of supporting the tourism development of Kirtipur. Honorable Jeevan Ram Shrestha, Member of the Parliament and President of the Nepal Olympic Committee was the Chief Guest at the exhibition while Ramesh Maharjan, Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality and Chairman of the Peace Through Sports Commission was the Chairman.
Similarly, the presence of Saraswati Khadka, Deputy Chief of Kirtipur Municipality, various senior artists and scholars has added golden energy to the program, said  Ms. Anju Bhattarai, Program Director and Secretary of the Commission. Mayor Shrestha said that this short exhibition has given an opportunity to the cultural, lifestyle and natural heritage of Kirtipur to the masses through art and at the same time it will make the Kirtipur region stand out to other communities. The exhibition featured 40 paintings depicting historical, religious and tourist sites of Kirtipur. Program Kirtipur Municipality Ward No. 2. It was held in the Kachchwa (Uma Maheshwar Temple), the highest point of Kirtipur.