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National Olympic Academy (NOA) of Nepal

An Orientation Program

"Know about Olympism"


National Olympic Academy (NOA) has been re-formed under National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Nepal on January, 2014. It is formed to extend olympic movement and education in olympism to propagate the ideas of discipline, peace and brotherhood associated with them. NOA executes by the board of 9 members. As a start-up program, NOA has been organizing an orientation program, "Know about Olympism", to all the concern people. 


Purpose of the Program:

Mission of NOA is to educate every sports personnel in Olympism, Olympic Games and Olympic Movement. The purpose of this orientation program is to educate sports personnel on Olympic and Olympic Charter so that they will be able to discuss about it and advocate for it. 


Target group:

All the Olympians & International Athletes


Date:  31 May, 2014              


Venue: Nepal Olympic Committing, Satdobato, Lalitpur



By the end of this orientation program, olympians will be able to:

·         Talk about Olympic Games and its historic events;

·         Explain the Olympic Movement; and

·         Know about Olympic Charter.