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November 11, 2019

President of South Asian Olympic Council/ President of NOC/ Member of Parliament Honorable Jeevan Ram Shrestha chaired the SOAC Executive Board meeting on Saturday, Nov 9, 2019. After the program there the Chef De Mission Seminar was also conducted on Yak and Yeti Hotel.
In the program Delegates from all the South Asian countries were present.

In the South Asian Olympic Council Meeting following Delegates were present:
Sno. Coutnry Name Post
1 Bangladesh Mr. Syed Shahed Raza Secretary General
2 Bangladesh Mr. Syed Tasadeque Hossian Representative
5 Bhutan Mr. Sonam Karma Tshering Secretary General
7 India Mr. Rajeev Mehata Secretary General
12 Maldives Mr. Hussain Rasheed Treasurer
13 Maldives Mr. Thamooh Ahmed Saeed Program Coordinator
15 Pakisthan Mr. Imran Ahmad Khan Manager
16 Sri Lanka Mr. Maxwell De Silva Secretary General
17 Sri Lanka Mr. Asanga Senevirate Vice President
In the SAOC Executive Meeting along with the Chief Guest Hon Shrestha, Member Secretary of NSC Mr. Ramesh Silwal and Secretary General of NOC Mr. Nilendra Raj Shrestha represented Nepal.
In the meeting confirmation of the dates of 13th South Asian Games from 1st to 10th December, 2019 was decided.  Hon. Shrestha assured the delegates about the preparations about the Games. In the meeting it was also decided that Pakistan will host the next SAG and if in case Pakistan are not able to host the Games Srilanka and Maldives will host the 14th SAG together.
91Kg category Event was added in the Boxing games, 2 participants from each country were also added from each country and 4 additional participants of each country was added to cycling games (Road Rage and Mountain Biking)
The 13th SA Games features 27 sports disciplines and 17 of them will be held in and around Kathmandu. Pokhara will host nine disciplines, while Janakpur was included as the host of wresting recently.
In the Chef De Mission meeting following Delegates were present:
Sno. Coutnry Name Post
1 Bangladesh Mr. Asaduzzaman Kohinoor CDM
 2 Bangladesh Mr. Mohammad Habibur Deputy Manager
3 Bangladesh Mr. Abhijit Sarkar Deputy CDM
4 Bhutan Mr. Jigme Thiniey CDM
5 India Mr. Dushyant Sharma CDM
6 India Mr. Digvijay Sharma Deputy CDM
7 Maldives Mr. Ibrahim Nahid CDM
8 Maldives Mr. Ismall Razeen NOC Representative
9 Pakisthan Mr. Hafiz Imran Butt NOC Representative
10 Sri Lanka Major General Dampath Chef De Mission
11 Sri Lanka Mr. Gamini Jayasinghe Deputy CDM
In the Chef De Mission Meeting Vice- President of NOC Mr. Chaturananda Raj Baidhya and coordinator of National Team Preperation Mr. Rim Ranabhat represented Nepal. A presentation was showed to the participants about the location, accommodations and different facilities.
After the meeting all the delegates went on a site visit to Pokhara and returned the next day. They also did a site visit of major Stadiums in Kathmandu.