NOC/ Nepal Strategic Planning Retreat

Dated in April 1-2, 2010 Nepal Olympic Committee Organized Strategic Planning Retreat. The program supported by the International Olympic Committee, conducted by Director of MEMOS – IOC/Olympic Solidarity Prof. JEAN-LOUP CHAPELLET to generate ideals and Transform Lives through integration, peace and Harmony.On the occasion the program prepared Vision and Mission for the Nepal Olympic Committee

Genera Ideals and Transforming lives of all Nepalese through the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect.

1.The Nepal Olympic Committee represents the Olympic Movement in Nepal to the Highest standard possible.
2. It continuously cooperates with National Sports Federations and Other stakeholders to enhance our performance in International Games while remaining committed to anti doping rules.
3.  It also permanently works for a better future of all Nepalese Sports People and spread the Olympic Ideals in Nepal at grass root levels.


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