Farewell program for OCA Athletes Forum in Bangkok, Thailand

March 16, 2023

The President of the National Olympic Committee (NOC), Mr. Jeevan Ram Shrestha bade farewell to two Nepalese athletes Mr. Bijen Man Shrestha and Ms. Nabita Shrestha who were selected to attend the OCA Athletes Forum in Bangkok, Thailand. The event is being organized by the National Olympic Committee of Thailand in collaboration with the Olympic Council of Asia and is an excellent opportunity for athletes to share their experiences and learn from their counterparts from other Asian countries.

During the farewell program, NOC President Shrestha emphasized the importance of discipline and reminded the athletes that they were not only representing themselves but also their country, Nepal. As a token of appreciation, the NOC President presented them with tracksuits bearing the NOC logo.

The farewell program was attended by the President of the All Nepal Table Tennis Association (ANTA) Mr. Chaturananda Rajvaidya and the President of the Nepal Swimming Association (NSA) Mr. Ashok Bajracharya.

The NOC President thanked the guests for their support and acknowledged the athletes' hard work and dedication, expressing his confidence that they would make the most of the opportunity and return to Nepal with valuable insights and experiences that would help them in their future endeavors.

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