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The International and National delegates of Zurkhaneh sports paid their visit to the President of Nepal Olympic Committee Mr. Jeevan Ram Shrestha.
Mr. Bahram Afsharzadeh ( Executive Board Member of OCA/ISSF and Senior Advisor & Executive Director of International Zurkhaneh Sports, Iran), Mr. Bankim Singh (International Relation Department of IZSF, Iran), President of Nepal Zurkhaneh Sports Association(NZSA) Mr. Surendra Manandhar, Secretary General of NZSA Mr. Ravi Ghimire requested NOC President Mr. Shrestha to include Zurkhaneh Sports in the 13th South Asian Games.
In the meeting the proposal to include Zurkhaneh Sports in the 13the SAG games which is going to be held on Nepal in 2019 was presented to the President of NOC Mr. Shrestha. They also talked about the development of Zurkhaneh Sports in different parts of Nepal.