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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
Nepal Olympic Committee hosted the opening ceremony of Olympic Solidarity Technical Course for Coaches in Gymnastics. The Solidarity course is going to be held on the NOC press meet hall from 6-9 December, 2016.
To help the Coaches of Gymnastic for all association Ms. Yumika Itoh arrived from Japan. Vice-President of Nepal Olympic Committee Mr. Purendra Bikram Lakhe said that Gymnastic is the base for all the sports and even he had trained for gymnastic before getting involved in Karate. Vice-President Shrestha added that Gymnastic supports other physical games as well.
President of Gymnastic for All Mr. Dhurba Bahadur Pradhan asked the coaches to teach the other coaches who cannot make it to the course, the knowledge they will learn from this Solidarity course.
In the Program Vice President of NOC Ms. Jyoti Rana, Members of NOC Mr. Ramesh Kumar Shrestha, Mr. Samim Miya Anshari and Mr. Nilendra Raj Shrestha, Secretary General of Gymnastic for all Mr. Sushil Prakash Pradhan were also present.