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Nepal 'B' team entered the semifinals in the first South Asian veterans above 50 years in the men's team event in table tennis tournament on Saturday. The event was organized by Nepal's veteran table tennis association.
Nepal ‘B’ team from National Table Tennis Training Center in Lainchor, beat Bangladesh and India 'B' with the same score 3-0 at Group 'B' to become the winner. In this group, Bangladesh ‘B’ beat India 'B' with the score 3-1 to reach the semi-final as runner-up.
Similarly, in group 'A', India 'A' was the winner and runner-up was Maldives who proceeded to the semifinals. India 'A' beat India 'C' and Maldives beat Nepal 'A' with the same score 3-0. Nepal, Maldives beat Nepal 'A' by 3-0 and India 'C' by 3-1.
In the team event of above 40 years, from group 'A' India ‘A’ were the winners and Nepal 'B' were runner-up as the last four. In Group 'B', Nepal 'A' were winner and India 'C' were the first runner up for the semi-finals.
President of Nepal Olympic Committee Jeevan Ram Shrestha inaugurated the three day event.