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President Jeevan Ram Shrestha, Secretary General Lama Tendi Sherpa and Board Member Ashok Bajracharya represented Nepal Olympic Committee as they bade farewell to Kabaddi players and coaches. The Kabaddi team is going to participate on the 3rd Asian Kabaddi Championship(Men Circle Kabaddi) slated to be held on Islamabad, Pakistan from 1st May – 6th May. Total of 6 countries are going to participate in this event namely: Nepal, India, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.  
General Secretary of Kabadi Association Binod Prajapati stated that we should not take any opponents lightly but our major contenders are Pakistan and India in Kabaddi. Mr. Prajapati said that the 1st Circle style Kabaddi was held on Iran and Nepal had won Bronze then.
President Jeevan Ram Shrestha spoke about how the Kabaddi Team should be disciplined and keep respect towards the opponents as they are going to represent not only themselves but the whole Nation. President Shrestha prompted them to aim higher and not to lose hope.
NOC distributed Track Suit for the players and the coaches with best wishes.
The players and coaches will depart on 29th April, Friday. The Kabaddi team are:
  • Anish Suwal
  • Kiran Maharjan
  • Balaram Rajchal
  • Birat Gupta
  • Sandip Kumar Gupta
  • Surendra Yadav
  • Bashudev Bashyal
  • Munna Kumar Patel
  • Rajan Shilpakar
  • Ishor Chand
  • Rohit Kumar Yadav
  • Parshu Ram Jha (Technical Advisor)
  • Sundar Prajapati (Coach)
  • Pashupati Prajapati (Coach)
 In the program Vice President of Kabaddi Association Sanu Kumar Maharjan, Chief Coach Bimal Kumar Pokharel, Tresurer of KTM Kabaddi Sodan Tamrakar and Vice president of KTM Kabaddi Bhagwan Prajapati were also present.