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1st April, 2018 Sunday

President of Nepal Olympic Committee/ Member of Parliament Honorable Jeevan Ram Shrestha bade farewell to the participants in Pambangunan Jaya Raya Junior Grand Prix 2018 which is slated for South Tangerang, Indonesia from April 2 -8, 2018.

Mr.  Binod Basnet (Manager) and Mr. Rukesh Maharjan(Athlete) are leaving today. In this tournament 20 to 25 countries have been participating though out the years and this tournament will help increase the ranking of the player, which will beneficial for the participation in the Youth Olympic Games as well.
President Shrestha gave his best wishes to the participants and suggested not to  participate just for the sake of participating but to win merits. He added that despite badminton being one of the oldest sport in Nepal, has not been able to participate in the Olympic Games so this is a great opportunity for the player to improve his ranking inorder to become the first participant from Nepal to the Olympic Games.

In the program, President of Nepal Badminton Association Mr. Ramji Shrestha and Chief Coach Mr. Sudip Yenjen were also present.