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The 2 nd Sports Congress was organized from 16 and 17 December 2016. This sport congress was organized after 6 years. This was a combined effort of various stakeholders including Nepal government and non-government Nepalese stake-holders. The program was conceived and developed by Nepal Olympic Committee. The objective of the congress was to develop a synergy of sports development
along with the International Olympic Movement and solidarity with Nepal government participation and support.There were over 150 participants who actively participated for two consecutive days. The congress was graced by President of NOC Mr. Jeevan Ram Shrestha.
There were various speakers on various field related to the sports development. The papers presented by the resource persons were compiled and distributed to all the participants.
The congress was financially and technically supported by Olympic Council of Asia and International Olympic Committee.

Budhanilkantha Declaration:

We thank all the speakers of the congress.
 Current sport Policy of the Nepal Government- Mr. Chudamani Paudel(Joint Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Sports)

 The Structure of the Olympic Movement- Honorary President Mr. Dhurba Bahadur Pradhan

 Marketing and Sponsor- Mr. Suraj Vaidya(Chairperson of Vaidya Organization)

 Women Empowerment in Sports- Ms. Nataliya (Chairperson, Women and sport commission of OCA)

 Sports Psychology and Motivation Mr. Indra B, Gurung, Member, Medical commission of NOC Nepal

 Mission 2020: President of NOC Mr. Jeevan Ram Shrestha

 Anti- Doping: Dr. Saroj Krishna Shrestha, President of Medical Commission )

 Procedure of Participation in Games/Olympic Solidarity Programme : Sujan Lal Shrestha, Executive Secretary, NOC Nepal

 Children International Sport Games: Mr. Dmitry Glushko, President of Children International Sports Games

 Organizing and Management of Sports Event Mr. Tej Bahadur Gurung, President of Nepal Hanball Association/ Member of NOC Nepal


- The congress unanimously realized that the fundamental principles of the Olympic Movement in accordance with the IOC Charter shall be      strictly complied by all the stakeholders of the Nepalese Olympic Movement with full respect and responsibility on a fully reliable basis.

- Increase the Govt Investment in Sports sector

- Development of existing infrastructure and built new infrastructure.

- National Championship should be in time, every two years

- 13 th SAG Preparation to be accelerated

- Athletes training should be focused on their games.

- Thanks to all the invited guests Natalia Sipovich(Chairperson, Women and sport commission of OCA), Dimitrii Glushko(President of Children Asia International Sports Games), government representatives, National Sports federations , media personalities, NOC family and other delegates of the congress.

- Thanks to Nepal government for their support to the Olympic Movement

- One nation, one National Olympic Committee:

There can be only one National Olympic Committee in Nepal. Only a National Olympic Committee recognized by International Olympic Committee can represent the country as National Olympic Committee. Nepal Olympic Committee is the only National Olympic Committee
recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

- Sports act should be made according to Global Sports norms

- Private Sectors should be encouraged to be a part of Sports.

- Sponsors should be taken as a long term partners.

- Media should be taken as a important part in the development of sports